We have 2 very cute Syrian hamsters for a good home. They are friendly and hand-tame; we have a 2 year old who always takes them out of their crates and they've never bitten anyone.

Both hamsters are young females. Cinder (the black one) is larger and probably older. Lilo is the younger, brown one. Both hamsters come with their wheel, food dish, chew toys, and large 100L Sterilite tub we used as their cages. The hamster cages you find in pet stores are not nearly large enough for large Syrian hamsters (don't know why they'd sell Syrians and cages for dwarves...).

We also have some bedding, food, hamster ball, and other accessories that can be split if the hamsters don't go together. We're asking $25/hamster which includes her things. If you can provide a home for both hamsters, you can take everything for $40.